David Safhay

Colorist, Constructivist, Student of Nature

“If it doesn’t appear but a moment’s thought, then all the endless stitching and unstitching would be for nought”– William Butler Yeats

As an artist, I feel it is my job to champion visual variety. Who, but the artist, defies the creeping grayness that permeates our original paradise with sameness? Art is the best bastion to entropy's inevitability, and for me, it is the last holdout. I assumed the job of artist without much thought. I had an urge from early on to contribute life and color where I felt “the drabs” were closing in. As a young man, I pledged to never copy or repeat myself; to always challenge myself to contribute new images and ideas, not merely consume them.
“Down With Entropy”, has become my battle cry!
-David Safhay