Analog A-Go-Go


This piece is one of my most recent endeavors that kept taking me further and further into the strange land of the analog. Admittedly over the top, it was conceived as a protest to the digital age. Maybe with a touch of nostalgia, it was not intended to make any allusions to an existing trend in art/design called Steam Punk. I find that movement rather pretentious and with no other purpose than a fond look back at the industrial revolution. It seemed to have no other purpose than that. The examples I saw certainly had no over arching function. Just a “look” is all I could discern. Rather than visit this superficial trend, it was my intention to find beauty in the actual devices we all grew up with. We were surrounded by them but never really noticed. This would be their day in the sun! You can find beauty in some unlikely places, and it was my intention to highlight these unlikely objects as sources of inspiration. As a colorist, I was intrigued with these objects using color for reasons other than aesthetic. For this reason alone, I was going to utilize these colors for color’s sake. As a colorist, I fancy myself the Will Rogers of color: “ I never met a color I didn’t like!”. My sense of irony took on the challenge of finding interest in this repurposed crap! Once the DNA of the piece was established my vocabulary of expression was the pallet of devices I had arrayed. It became clear that I was rebelling against all things digital and all things computer generated. My methods were Old school by installing analog devices. Over the top and not for everyone, I had to prove to myself that there is beauty in most anything. Made up of found, analog devices, mixed media mounted on a flitch of 2” thick ash. Completed January 3, 2023. It measures: 17” wide x 7” deep x 61” high.